The Iron Protocol shatters common understanding about iron deficiency. Once I found out about it, I recommend nothing else. Ferritin and heme iron is true power.

Dr. S Manasterski


Within a couple months of being on the protocol, my ferritin was 146. It’s been almost a year and I’ve kept my ferritin around 200. I have so much more energy and my vertigo hasn’t returned. This is truly life saving!

Judy Aleman

Functional Wellness Coach

Thanks to this group, I’m able to put an end to four generations of women who have had iron problems unresolved for a lifetime. We’ve been giving birth while deficient and in turn our children have been deficient. That ends now.

Amelia Armstrong

The Significance of Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency is the most common deficiency in the world. Roughly 80% of people do not have adequate iron stores. Without iron, your body cannot produce enough oxygen for your blood cells. You can have Iron Deficiency with or without anemia. 

What's Your Ferritin Number?

Your iron labs may come back as “normal”, but you may still have an Iron Deficiency. When testing for Iron Deficiency, it is imperative to test your ferritin levels. Ferritin is the most specific indicator of IRON STORES. This test usually needs to be requested. Most iron panels do not include ferritin. ASK FOR FERRITIN TEST!

Normal is not Optimal!

 It is important to understand that normal does not mean optimal. Optimal ferritin levels are at minimum 100ng/ml or 100ug/L. The optimal for one person may be different than another. The goal of The Iron Protocol strives to maintain a level of over 125 for over 6 months.

Most common nutritional deficiency worldwide

Members of The Iron Protocol

Symptoms related to Iron Deficiency

Featured Member of the Month

Every month, The Iron Protocol recognizes a valued member of the community for his/her journey back to optimal health!

Please join The Iron Protocol group, read the guides, and trust the protocol! You won't regret it!

“The Iron Protocol changed my life!! After my doctor said my ferritin level of 14ng/mL was  “just on the lower end of normal”, I knew I had to find my own answers for why I felt so horrible and had all the symptoms of anemia. On a whim, I did a search on Facebook and came across The Iron Protocol group. After reading the guides and learning that I had absolute iron deficiency without anemia (ferritin under 30ng/mL), I immediately went to the store to buy iron supplements. That was the day I had my first glimmer of hope. I’m currently five months into the protocol and feel SO MUCH BETTER. My energy is returning, most of my symptoms are gone, and I am living life again. I’m getting emotional and teary just writing this because I don’t know what I would have done without The Iron Protocol. I had 3 doctors, including a hematologist, not take me seriously. Knowing what I know now about iron deficiency, I realize that I’ve been deficient for over 30 years of my life, yet no doctor ever told me about the consequences of having low ferritin. But no more. Because of Caitlyn and her generosity and research, I am advocating for my own health now and am on the road to healing.

 If you’re in a similar situation, please join The Iron Protocol group, read the guides, and trust the protocol! You won’t regret it!

I’m a total introvert, but I’ve been sharing about iron deficiency and The Iron Protocol group with anyone and everyone who will listen. I’ve personally talked to over a dozen friends/acquaintances who have experienced similar symptoms and have gotten their ferritin checked. I wouldn’t wish iron deficiency on anyone, but I’ve often thought that if I was able to help even one person as a result of my experience, it was worth it. Iron deficiency is so prevalent and undiagnosed and there are so many people suffering who don’t need to be.”

-Liwen H.